I fill in the blanks

conversion rate optimization

Give me a blank page and I’ll fill it with great ideas to make your company grow

I’m in the business of increasing your business.

My experienced and friendly professional attitude is here to take care of your company’s every need.

From brand identity to web design; advertising to email marketing; package to information design; UX/UI to graphic design; digital to direct marketing.

Demand Generation

In any economy, marketing strategies that yield positive results are vital to an organization’s survival

I have worked in the creative, digital, and direct marketing fields for more than a decade. I have worn several hats throughout my career, thus gaining the experience and skills to develop sound solutions in various areas. I can take your projects from thumbnails to final printed deliverables, from marketing strategy to execution of successful marketing plans, or from creative briefs to web designs that bring real results. I am a true problem solver who welcomes challenges and enjoys collaboration.

  • UX / UI Design / Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Web Analytics
  • Art Direction
  • Email Marketing
  • Web Design
  • Management
  • Strategy
  • HTML / CSS
  • Direct Marketing
  • Graphic Design

The breadth of my expertise covers a wide area of responsibilities. I am a hard-working, ambitious leader, a cohesive team player, and a motivator. I have been recognized for team-building, creative problem-solving, and a high degree of design and marketing expertise.

Select Work

Customers experience your brand at specific touchpoints, so choosing what those touchpoints are, and influencing what happens there, is important work.”
— Marty Neumeier

Web design / UX / UI / CRO

Before you start that web page or a creative brief. There is the task of research: including competitive analysis, surveys, reviewing web and performance analytics, customer service calls and the buying process, what process worked, and pain points. Finally, learn from your existing customers and potential customers who visit your company. Why the research? Building a website without data is relying on personal assumptions.

Most creative briefs have the following chapters:

Web team roles
Target audience
Client expectations
System requirements
Customer Journey Map
Determining success metric

Before starting to code, get the approval of the following schematics:

Architecture Diagram
Prototype - Comprehensive

These initial steps are important because code changes require more time and cost.

Case Study: Intranet reforms that result in fewer help desk tickets and service calls (UX Design).

Digital marketing

I have been in the digital marketing industry for many years, from retargeting marketing to email marketing. My experience includes designing emails from wireframe, prototype to HTML, plus setting up the marketing automation app for a new campaign. Another is my experience in web analytics, which includes insightful reports and recommendations.

Brand and marketing collateral

Over the years, I have designed, art directed and managed dozens of marketing collaterals for both web and print. From brochures, research reports to packaging. My experience includes working with direct reports and executives. I have given dozens of presentations, from analytics to existing projects.



To learn more about my expertise and the companies that I worked with, please visit my LinkedIn page.

Curiosity is a trait that we should always keep alive. I'm an avid reader and love to share a few excerpts on my Twitter page.