If this job is CANCELLED or placed ON HOLD by the Client, Designer retains all Copyrights and original artwork*. A “Kill Fee”, not less than 50% of fees/expenses and/or estimated fees/expenses, shall be paid by the Client upon the decision to cancel/hold the job. All monies paid will be applied to future work on this job up to 90 days from the date of the cancellation/hold.

+ Any USAGE RIGHTS not exclusively transferred herein are reserved to Designer. Usage beyond that granted to the Client herein may require payment of a mutually agreed upon fee. All original artwork* remains the property of the Designer. Any rights specified herein will be transferred upon Full Payment of all fees/expenses.

Any CHANGES made to the original job made by the Client shall be billed additionally. Designer reserves first right to make any changes or modifications to this job, including changes/modifications after this job is completed. Balances UNPAID AFTER 30 DAYS will be charged 3% per month. All RETURNED CHECKS are subject to a $30.00 charge.

In the event of NON-PAYMENT of this invoice, client agree to pay any reasonable cost of collection (including all attorney’s fees and court costs). If necessary, and at Designers option, arbitration may be used as a means of collection.

*Original artwork: Working files, original airbrush illustrations, raw video footage, negative film and outtakes, Photoshop (PSD) files, 3D MAX animation files, Flash files and outtakes, audio footage and voice over outtakes files.

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