The Situational Leader

The key to being an effective manager is leadership.

Some concepts in the behavioral sciences are well intended, but fall short of the mark. They give you some good ideas to think about, but they don't always tell you how or when to put these ideas into practice. Woody Allen says that success in life is "...20% timing and 80% just showing up." People usually "show up" in leadership situations. But leadership success is much more than just showing up. It is the application of tested concepts and the "timing" skills necessary to get things done. This book is designed to provide you with these skills.

Situational leadership theory

Situational leadership theories in organizational studies are a type of leadership theory, leadership style, and leadership model that presumes that different leadership styles are better in different situations, and that leaders must be flexible enough to adapt their style to the situation they are in.

A good situational leader is one who can quickly change leadership styles as the situation changes. Most of us attempt do this in our dealings with people: we try not to get angry with a new employee, and we remind forgetful people. The model doesn't apply only to people in leadership or management positions, all people lead others at work, at play, and at home.

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