Cubism and Abstract art diagram; based on Barr's book cover design.

Web Designing Magazine selected this diagram for it's feature article on Infographics. Various top Information designers around the world were asked to contribute. See article and additional samples on page 079 of Web Designing Volume 4, 2007.

Diagram is based on Alfred H. Barr, Jr.'s, Cubism and Abstract Art book jacket design. Missing from the Barr's chart is a section for the art style Divisionism; it would be place before the art movement Futurism.

The chart is not comprehensive and omits some critical connections; for example, Van Gogh name would be nested, or in close proximity, to Neo-Impressionism, with a dash of Divisionism, yet Synthetism also influenced Van Gogh during the latter part of his life.

As a side note: Click here to view a similar diagram that is stripped of all of the transparent color blocks, except for the non-art movements/influences e.g. Machine Aesthetic, etc., plus the color tubes are replaced with arrows.