A few observations.

SRP's ‘Be aware of possible email scams’ campaign, see below, is a valuable service to the public. A friendly reminder on scams and what to watch for. The positive points of the email is that the information is clear, to the point. The bold sub-head title improves scan-ability. The email is mobile friendly, that is, easy to read on any mobile device. (I believe it's using the responsive web design method) The email used few graphic images. This is a plus for mobile users with limited or weak data signals.

The challenge with the email is the call to action link or button. The button is green, which is good, high contrast to help the reader focus on it. Yet the button doesn't look like a button to click on, would the reader know that it's clickable? Is the goal of the email to encourage the reader to click on the green image, or to call the phone number?

Recommendation. Enhance the call-to-action script Protect yourself from scams to Protect Yourself from Scams, Learn More Here. Another approach for the button is to go from the flat art to realism. Design the button to look like a button with round corners and highlights/shadows.

Conclusion: Good job on the email content, it's brief and to the point. I wish all informational email designs follow this example.