The help desk department received excessive calls and emails daily. Most of the calls requesting links of specific web pages. Some of the requested web pages were buried deep within the company's intranet site. The interruptions overloaded the help desk department, taking them away from more important tasks.


We reviewed the entire help desk's phone and email requests records. Using a matrix chart we weighted them by importance and frequency. We decided to build a section on the homepage with links of the most requested items. Due to limited space on the homepage (fig. a) we could not add all the links, only the common items that new employees most often used.


We notified the company employees of the updated homepage. We also encouraged hiring managers to tell future employees about using the intranet homepage.


The section (fig. b) reduced help desk calls by 65%.

Every month we review web page click-through rate and compare it to the incoming calls and emails. It's working. New employees used the intranet homepage more often than contacting the help desk department.